Cloudy AGED Copper

A precise technique designed and made by De Castelli for indoor use only, that involves monitored erosion of metal and creates irregular textures that remind us of the passing of time. An extremely precise but versatile manufacture applicable on stainless steel, copper and brass that enhances metal vibes and uniqueness through three-dimensional effects. Subsequently it is manually oxidized, and lacquered with a protective, transparent varnish. Differences compared to the sample provided are not to be considered as a manufacturing defect, but as a feature of the manual processing, that may be susceptible to variances in colour and homogeneity. If placed outside, the finishes can experience dissimilar color alteration, which should not be considered faults. For cleaning and maintenance only use a cotton cloth dampened with water or specific neutral products for varnished surfaces. Do not use abrasive cloths, solvents, alcohol or strong detergents. Dry the surface thoroughly in case of standing water. Samples images are an indication only and do not replace the use of real ones, since it is not possible to guarantee a reproduction identical to the original.