Birchwood Liquid Patinas


מק"ט: Birchwood-Liquid-Patinas קטגוריה:


All Birchwood patinas are considered traditional patinas that will age or darken metal. Most of these patinas are sold concentrated and should be diluted with distilled water (up to 50%) before use. Once diluted, one gallon of Birchwood Liquid Patina generally covers 200 sq. ft.

Birchwood Liquid Patinas are available in 8oz., 32oz., 1 gal., and 5 gal. sizes. Spray tops are included with 8oz. and 32oz. bottles. A clear sealer should be applied when completed to protect the finish.

Liquid solutions for Bronze, Brass, and Copper (concentrated):

M-38 is a spray, brush or immersion Brown Antiquing Solution.
M-24 is a spray or brush Black Antiquing Solution.
M-20 is the same Black Antiquing Solution as M-24, but is made for an immersion (dipping) process.
Liquid solutions for Iron and Steel (concentrated):

PC-9 Presto Black (Gun Bluing) spray, brush, or immersion.
BST4 Presto Black room temperature, brush-on solution.
Plum Brown Barrel Finish (32oz. only).
Liquid solution for Aluminum (concentrated):

A-14 Aluma Black spray or brush Black Antiquing Solution for Aluminum.
Liquid solution for Stainless Steel (ready to use formula):

SSB Presto Black for Stainless Steel.

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A14, BST4, M20, M24, M38, PC9, Plum, SSB


3.75 Lt., 950 gr.