Traditional Black Patina


מק"ט: Traditional-Black-Patina קטגוריה:


Black Magic Patina creates a beautiful, rich black patina on iron and steel. It takes only 3-5 minutes to develop and does not produce the quick rust that you normally see with other blackening agents. The first coat will be dark grey, but the finish will become black after a few coats. Rust will develop if a clear sealer is not applied to the completed finish.

Black Magic Patina works similarly on bronze, brass, and copper to darken the metal. On zinc and galvanized steel, it creates a weathered black patina. Black Magic Patina does not work on stainless steel or aluminum. It should not be diluted unless you are working on the Metal Coatings.

Traditional Midnight Black Patina reacts on aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, iron, steel (not stainless), and zinc/galvanized. This patina works quickly and has excellent durability. Rust is slower to develop compared to other black patinas which allows greater flexibility when applying a sealer. On aluminum (full strength), the first coat produces a fast grey/black finish. Additional coats create a solid black that does not rub off easily. On steel (full strength), one coat makes a blue/black oil slick finish. Extra coats darken the patina. On zinc/galvanized (full strength), the first application establishes a bronze/brown finish. Reapplication results in even more warm color with great adhesion. On bronze, brass, and copper (diluted 1:1 with distilled water), the first coat produces a beautiful brown patina. Second and third coats darken the patina to a rich antique black.

Slate Black Patina is a versatile black finish for use on most metals. On iron and steel, it will produce a black patina with some brown showing through the finish. This is a fast 3-5 minute reaction that is arrested with water. Additional coats will darken the patina. Slate Black Patina can be diluted with distilled water for lighter coats.

Slate Black Patina will darken bronze, brass, and copper in a similar way. On zinc and galvanized steel, it will produce a dark brown to black patina. On aluminum, it must be applied hot (180-200°F) and will create a brown finish. On stainless steel, it must also be applied hot and will produce a red, black, and brown patina.

Stainless Black Patina is made specifically for stainless steel. It is not recommended for other metals, but on zinc and galvanized steel, it can produce a red-brown or weathered black patina. On stainless steel, this patina will be blue grey at first and then darken as more coats are applied. Stainless Black Patina works best at full strength, but can be diluted with distilled water if desired.

Zinc Grey Patina creates a grey or black patina on zinc or galvanized steel. The patina will be black and often mottled if applied at full strength. Dilution with distilled water is recommended for a smooth light grey finish. Layering the patina with multiple light coats will gradually darken the shade and allow you to control the uniformity of the finish.

Traditional Black Patinas are sold in 8oz., 32oz., 1 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes. Spray tops are included with 8oz. and 32oz. bottles. One gallon of a Traditional Black Patina generally covers 200 sq. ft.

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Black Magic, Midnight Black, Slate Black, Stainless Black, Zinc Grey


3.75 Lt., 950 gr.